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Leaf Compost 1 KG

Leaf Compost 1 KG

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Leaf compost is a nutrient-rich soil amendment that undergoes a natural decomposition process, resulting in a valuable organic material beneficial for soil health and plant growth.
Here's a brief overview of its characteristics and uses:

Nutrient Content

  • Nitrogen (N): Supports leafy growth, albeit in lower quantities compared to other organic fertilizers.
  • Phosphorus (P): Essential for robust root development and optimal flower and fruit production.
  • Calcium (Ca): Promotes cell wall structure and overall plant strength.


  • Root Growth Enhancement: High phosphorus content stimulates robust root growth, making it particularly beneficial for root crops and flowering plants.
  • Plant Strengthening: Calcium strengthens plant structures and aids in cell formation, contributing to overall plant vigor.
  • Slow Release: Nutrients are released gradually, ensuring a sustained and long-term supply without the risk of nutrient burn.


  • Soil Amendment: Mix into the soil during planting or apply as a top dressing for established plants.
  • Starter Fertilizer: Ideal for encouraging strong root development in bulbs and seedlings.
  • Organic Gardening: Popular among organic gardeners for its natural nutrient content and sustainable sourcing.

Application Tips

  • Dosage: Carefully follow package instructions to prevent over-application, which can harm plant roots due to excess phosphorus.
  • Timing: Apply at planting time or early in the growing season to support healthy growth and development.
  • Compatibility: Mix with other organic amendments like compost or manure to create a balanced nutrient mix for optimal plant nutrition.

Leaf compost enriches soil fertility and supports robust plant growth, aligning with sustainable gardening practices by recycling organic waste into valuable fertilizer.

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