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Bone Meal 1 KG

Bone Meal 1 KG

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Bone meal is a powdered organic fertilizer derived from animal bones, which are steamed and then ground into a fine powder. It is a rich source of phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca), and nitrogen (N), nutrients essential for plant growth. Here's a brief overview of its characteristics and uses:

Nutrient Content

  • Phosphorus (P): Vital for root development, flower, and fruit production.
  • Calcium (Ca): Important for cell wall structure and growth.
  • Nitrogen (N): Although lower in nitrogen than other organic fertilizers, it still contributes to leafy growth.


  • Promotes Root Growth: The high phosphorus content is excellent for stimulating root growth in plants, making it ideal for root crops and flowering plants.
  • Strengthens Plants: Calcium strengthens plant structures and helps in cell formation.
  • Slow Release: Releases nutrients slowly, providing a long-term nutrient supply without the risk of nutrient burn.


  • Soil Amendment: Mixed into the soil at planting time or as a top dressing for existing plants.
  • Starter Fertilizer: Ideal for use with bulbs and seedlings to encourage strong root development.
  • Organic Gardening: Popular in organic gardening for its natural nutrient content and sustainability.

Application Tips

  • Dosage: Follow package instructions carefully to avoid over-application, which can harm plant roots due to excess phosphorus.
  • Timing: Best applied at planting time or early in the growing season to support growth and development.
  • Compatibility: Works well when mixed with other organic amendments like compost or manure to provide a balanced nutrient mix.

Bone meal is favored for its role in promoting healthy plant development, especially in organic gardening practices. Its natural source of essential nutrients supports sustainable gardening by recycling animal byproducts into valuable fertilizer.

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